What We Believe

Mission & Method

First Assembly Church in St. Peters is a group of people with a history of following Christ for over 95 years.  Made up of people in all different walks and stages of life, we seek to follow Christ's mission in our community by carrying out a few simple steps.

We exist to declare and display the GOSPEL to EVERYONE, EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE.

Our mission is "what we do;" our method is "how we do it."  

Reaching up in worship.
Reaching in to serve one another
Reaching out to change the world.

Our Church Values

  Jesus is our everything.
People are our priority.
Church is our home.
Serving is our honor.
Generosity is our lifestyle.
Expectation is our approach.
 Unstoppable is our nature.
Diversity is our directive.
Family is our foundation.
Missions is our mandate.
Grace is our gospel.
Pentecost is our power.

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